sam edelman shoes

Welcoming Autumn Back With Black

Today was unfortunately the first day of September that has officially felt like Fall. Goodbye summer. Out with the old wardrobe, in with the new.

My class schedule is awesome this semester. I don’t have class Mondays or Fridays, so I enjoyed the morning by sleeping in as late as I wanted, eating a late lunch, and then visiting my office where I am now. I have a lot of work to do before my weekend getaway to Pittsburgh tomorrow!

When opening my closet, I was looking for something for a mild Autumn day like this. Some girls on campus were wearing shorts, but I am SO done with them now that my tan is gone and my legs reflect light.

Top: J.crew (old), Shoes: Sam Edelman- Neiman Marcus, Boyfriend Jeans- Topshop, Watch- Burberry (from Neiman), Bag- *gifted, Sunnies- Dolce & Gabbana (old, similar here)